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Home Sweet Home is a community-funded economic project that believes in a diverse, citizen-run local economy. We work in community to build economic projects from the ground up, modelling bold steps in transforming the way we do business and work together. 

We support citizens and organizations to leverage their values into sustainable and innovative projects. Need help getting your project or business off the ground? We've got the HSH Food Business Toolkit for that. Are there serious gaps and room to build the local food economy in your community? Invite HSH to your community!

Diandra and Laura are excellent facilitators with immense dept of knowledge and positive ideas for helping others.

— participant, hsh field school 2016


Learn With Us

Communities in Rural BC have a great opportunity to strengthen and diversify their local food economy. Sometimes this can be difficult, but you shouldn't have to "learn the hard way". In 2016 we're taking the HSH Field School on the road. Join us as we hold space together to revitalize and transform our local food economies. 

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